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Partners with Nottingham Business School

The success of the lean board and student applications has led to a partnership between iDEA studio and Nottingham Business School.

Both systems have been developed in conjunction with Nottingham Business School, several of its academics with years of business consultancy experience and in particular the Dean - Professor Baback Yazdani who is internationally recognised in the Automotive Industry, Lean Management and Product Design. 


Both the Lean Board and Student Info systems have been working very well for several months now and have attracted much praise, not only from the University itself but also from many business leaders associated with Nottingham Trent University.

If you are looking for a new system that will make a difference to your business and growth our Lean Board system can really make a difference. You can enjoy the benefits of advanced smart Lean Board systems designed  for goal setting and performance tracking in real time, allowing immediate visual identification and presentation of key performance, targets and critical areas for improvement.


If you are University looking to purchase new systems not only to enhance your teams performance with Lean Board but to offer students a unique student information system, then have a look at our Student Info Touch Applications.


This interactive system gives students real time information related to their course, available placements, international exchange opportunities, info about their  tutors, course news and awards. System is designed for large interactive units making them ideal  for student access in communal areas.