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Panasonic Event- Barbican Center

Panasonic London Olympics 2012 Show. New technology and hardware .Panasonic along with some of their chosen partners host an event at the Barbican for the 2012 London Olympics.

Panasonic being one of the major sponsors of the 2012 London Olympics held an event at the Barbican Centre in London from 10-13 March. Other major sponsors were invited along with organising and media bodies to view the latest technology Panasonic have to offer for the games. Probably one of the largest 3D screens we have ever seen was there (152" Full HD 3D Plasma) ( please let me have one to experiment with !), The room was also filled with great images from their projectors and they were BIG images. We were there with Paradigm AV as, if you have read previous news articles, we know they are the best, and because we are working with Panasonic on their new gesture recognition cameras. Early indications show these will be a cost effective and highly effective solution to todays industry interactive thirst.