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Interactive Marketing Tool Box - iDEA Tool Box

Gain control with full analytics and segmented statistics for your online marketing event whether its a online game or stimulating sales of a new product.

iDEA Tool Box is a set of tools needed  for quality realization of marketing projects on various platforms on the internet such us websites, mobile applications, social channels, Facebook, etc. The main asset of Toolbox is the centralization of all the tools and data bases needed for the successful appraisal of marketing activity ( users, events, transactions, actions, etc.) System offers fast implementation and user segmentation before starting the actual marketing campaign. Benefits of the system are  following of user activity, loyalty club, security when running online events, competitions, monitoring success of individual products, social apps manager offering number of marketing games available to be customized, accompanied by range of analytics and monitoring to support your campaign from newsletter management, digital message centre, support and ticketing solution to complete control and performance of your campaign.

Investment in iDEA Tool Box gives you sustainable solution for all your current and future events. After the actual campaign, game or marketing activity all the data and event analytics will stay  in your database (users, charts, winners, products) creating  data asset for your future campaigns and events.

iDEA Tool Box offers following modules:

iDEA Imea- Interactive Marketing Event Analytics

Tools that allow you  to create data analytics of user activity during the online campaign, competition, online game or any other activity. Allows you successful monitoring and  later on full  segmented analytics allowing you to monitor and analyze success of your activities and campaigns.

iDEA Playground- Virtual  Gaming Server

Our virtual gaming server offers you secure and smooth running of online games and prize winning competitions. Benefits of our server and this module are:- security when running online events, fast implementation without complex programming, system build up for over 19 million online transactions. It can be used with signing in the product code, with QR code or augmented reality code created just  for your campaign or user.

iDEA Code-Unique Loyalty Code Engine

Codes are used for connecting and monitoring success of individual products and gaining segmented customer feedback or monitoring individual product sale. Available through segmented product analytics. Codes can be segmented in various groups from product codes, advertising codes, gift codes, free codes, user codes. System prevents double entries.

iDEA Social- Social Manager Apps

Tool for fast implementation of games and events on Facebook  through page tabs, offering you a number of marketing games, quizzes and challenges or custom apps tailored to your preferances.

Tool Box is supported by additional promotional tools:

iDEA Sender - Digital Message sender

iDEA Post-office - Newsletter Data Centre

iDEA Help-desk - Support and Ticketing solution-data centre

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