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6th Tile Zone

TiLEzone 6th Annual Event. Review of new and emerging technologies. Darka Juras MD of iDEA studio MMA & Greg Jeffreys MD & Chairman of Paradigm AV were invited as guest speakers presenting - Touch and Gesture Technology – “Pointy Things”.

TiLEzone 6. TiLEzone is one of the industry highlights of the year for the AV business. Networking reception for 6th TiLEzone London Seminar registered delegates, speakers, committee, sponsors & exhibitors, and invited guests from operators and developers of leisure attractions and museums in the UK and overseas from Museum to Theme Park . This session looked at the review of new emerging technologies, production requirements for creating successful multi-touch, gesture exhibits and environments in museums and visitor attractions, as well as 3D production,mobile devices used at attractions and a number of new projects as well as the industry conflict and cooperation on the new project. Touch and Gesture Technology – “Pointy Things” focused on - What additional experiences can be provided beyond those found with single point touch technology? What considerations do you need to make when designing for group interaction? How do we “train” people who are not part of the Wii generation to use these things? It will also cover some practical hardware issues such as durability and operating conditions. Would love to hear from anyone who listened to the talk !